Flavours of India Cooking Competition


Upon signing the registration form all contestants agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.  To participate at their full potential during the competition

2.  To participate in individual/team/group competitions

3.  To participate regardless of any surprises which may occur providing they are legal and of genuine nature

4.  Take full responsibility for their own actions during the course of the competition

5.  Indemnify Aaangan and Sabrang from any injuries or loss

6.  Agree not to take any pictures or video or use any form of social media during the competition

7.  Agree to pay Sabrang Productions (T/A Advertron) a cancellation fee of $200 if they decide to withdraw or cancel during the competition without losing

8. Agree to return the apron and chef hat, otherwise will agree to pay a sum of $200 to cover its cost.

9. As a contestant I agree to recorded for TV purposes.  I also agree to the video’s being played on Social Media platforms.



As a contestant I also agree to the production rules of the competition:


1.    Please do NOT look at the camera – Looking at the camera doesn’t make you famous, being a natural and not looking at the camera may make you famous.

2.    We’re all here to have fun, but that doesn’t mean we don’t’ pay attention and talk with our colleagues.  While we’re on camera, please remain professional at all times.

3.    All phones must be off or on silent, phones are not permitted during the competition.  We will be taking photo’s and video, apart from us there should be nobody else.

4.    That means no pictures or social media can be used

5.    GUESTS – that also means no phones for you also.  No pictures, no video, no social media, no calls.  If you need to answer or make  call, then please do so downstairs.

6.    GUESTS – you’re welcome to watch in silence only.  If you make a noise or interrupt the competition, there will be no warning and you will be asked to leave and wait downstairs.

How many people have watched Master Chef or My Kitchen Rules?  Who ever seen audience talking and interrupting from behind the scenes?  Same here

7.    We are open to suggestions, BUT If any cast or crew have any suggestions, please wait till the end.  We are in production and not taking any suggestions on board. No matter how good it is.  At the end of  today, please tell me and I will consider it for the next episode.

8.    We need all camera crew to be focused and at attention at all times.  We also request no phones during the production