Try These Different Flavours Of Ice Golas At Home

Summers are here in full swing and people have already started resorting to various ways to keep the heat at bay. In order to beat the heat, various thirst quenching delights can come to great help. When it comes to  summer coolers, ice gola or crushed ice lolly is one such  street food speciality, which has started ruling the city’s streets already! It can be found on almost all nook and corners of the city. Ice gola smothered with flavourful and colourful syrups can make any foodie’s day. However, if you wish to make this summer delight in the comforts of your kitchen, then you can easily do so by adding a variety of flavours to it. Here is a list of few yummy flavours that you can easily add to your  homemade ice golato make it even more colourful.

Rose Sherbet For Red Colour

Ice golas are usually vibrant and colourful, and the colour that adds the most appetising look to this summer delight is red. The red colour in ice golas comes from the rose flavoured syrup, which is too delicious to miss. It has a sweet taste, without which every ice gola is incomplete. Rose-flavoured sherbets are easily available in the market.

Khus Khus For Green Colour
Now, let’s come to the second most attractive colour in ice golas, which is green. The green colour comes from khus khus sherbet. This sherbet is a concoction of khus syrup and water, and is prepared using khus essence, sugar, water and citric acid syrup. Apart from quenching thirst, khus khus has many health benefits as well as it is known to have large amounts of antioxidants in it.


Litchi Squash For Grey Colour

If you happen to be a litchi lover, then you just cannot miss out on this flavour. To make your ice gola more flavourful and appetising, litchi squash can come to great help. Addition of litchi squash in ice golas can add a subtle grey colour to it which is quite pleasing to the eyes. After all, when indulging in summer treats, this refreshing summer fruit should not be left behind. Litchi squash is easily available in the market.

Mango Juice For Yellow Colour

Mango lovers, raise your hand! To add a vibrant yellow colour to your ice golas, use mango juice or squash. Apart from adding a sweet and tangy flavour to the ice lolly, this flavour is sure to make you crave for more.

So, bring all these colourful flavours together and make scrumptious ice golas in the comforts of your kitchen.

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