How To Make Sugarcane Juice At Home?

  • This is the perfect season of gulping down a glass of sugarcane juice
  • Sugarcane juice also exhibits laxative properties
  • This healing elixir has a host of health benefits to offer

This is the perfect season of gulping down a glass of chilled sugarcane juice; after all it is summertime! The best part is you will spot numerous thela-wallahsselling this chilling elixir in every nook and corner. What’s more refreshing is the addition of mint leaves, chaat masala and lemon juice, which makes it even more refreshing in this sweltering heat. Not only is this juice tasty, but it is super healthy, too. It is known to be diuretic that helps treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones and ensure proper functioning of the kidneys. It also helps strengthen your liver and is, thus, suggested as an excellent remedy for jaundice. Sugarcane juice also exhibits laxative properties, further improving bowel movement. Moreover, it has a low glycaemic index, and is highly recommended for diabetics.-Sabrang

This healing elixir has a host of health benefits to offer. Did you know that you could make sugarcane juice at the comfort of your home? If this thought never crossed your mind, then it’s time we tell you that you can make this yummy beverage at home. Here’s how you can make sugarcane juice at home.

How To Make Sugarcane At Home?

Make sure you pick fresh sugarcanes and ensure they are washed properly. Here’s what you need to do!


  • Sugarcane (medium-sized)
  • Water
  • Strainer or muslin cloth
  • Ginger (optional)
  • Lemon juice (optional)
  • Mint leaves (optional)
  • Black salt
  • Ice cubes


  1. Wash the sugarcanes well and peel the hard-outer layer of the cane with a big knife.
  2. Now cut them into small pieces and blend them along with a ginger piece (optional). Add some water and grind it again. Make sure you have grinded the sugarcane well.
  3. Take out the sugarcane extract along with the juice in a big container.
  4. Take another container and place a muslin cloth or strainer on it. Squeeze the juice out of the extract pressing through the cloth or strainer.
  5. If you don’t find it easy, squeeze the juice with your hand. Take some of the extract in your hand and press it well till the juice comes out.
  6. Strain the juice again as it may still have some extract. You can add some lemon juice and a dash of black salt along with ice cubes and serve chilled.

Notes To Remember

  • While you can add sugar powder in the juice, it is advised to avoid as the juice is already sweet.
  • You can use tea or coffee filter that can work well for straining the juice.

Make this delicious sugarcane juice and enjoy the goodness it has to offer! Happy summers!

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