5-Year-Old Allegedly Kidnapped And Killed By Father’s ‘Lover’ Say Police

The police claim woman who is the father’s girlfriend allegedly kidnapped and killed the child as he refused to marry her.-Sabrang


  1. 5-year-old allegedly kidnapped and killed by father’s ‘lover’, say police
  2. Girl kidnapped near Mumbai, her body was found in Gujarat’s Navsari
  3. Police say woman killed the child as her father refused to marry her

In what could possibly be a revenge killing, a five-year-old girl was murdered by a woman, who police believe to be her father’s ‘lover’.
On March 24, the child went missing from Nalasopara near Mumbai. The police started looking for her after her parents filed a complaint. The child’s body was found three days later, on March 27, in a toilet in Gujarat’s Navsari district.

The police claim a woman, Anjali Baghela, in her mid-twenties, was in a relationship with Santosh Saroj, the little girl’s father for last six years but when he refused to marry her, the woman killed the child.

CCTV footage of the locality in Nalaspora gave a vital clue, say police. The footage showed a woman taking the child out of the house on the pretext of giving her chocolates. The child never came back after that say police. More CCTV footage from Nalaspora railway station showed the woman boarding a train with the child. A message on the mobile phone of Santosh helped police pick up the trail.

 The girl was strangulated to death say police. Anjali has been arrested for murder and kidnapping the girl. Anjali killed the girl because she was a roadblock for the marriage say police. Santosh is being questioned by police for suspicious behaviour, as he claimed he did not know Anjali, who was seen in the CCTV footage, taking the child to the railway station. The police allege, Santosh had promised to marry Anjali after divorcing his wife but had been putting it off for the last two years.

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